Famed acting coach trains Kapuso stars

(from left) mikoy Morales, Gil Cuerva, Andrea Torres with GMA special assistant vice president for Alternative Productions Gigi Santiago-Lara, Anthony Bova, Anna Feleo, Chynna Ortaleza, Benjamin Alves and Thea Tolentino.

“If you teach any technique of acting without any attention to the humanity and the health of the actor, you’re selling the actor short.

Learning continues for 40 talents of GMA Artist Center as famed New York City acting coach Anthony Vincent Bova conducts new acting workshops here. Together with actress Anna Feleo, his co-teacher in the workshops, Anthony holds sessions that focus on the actors’ emotional and psychological alignment.

After his visit last February, he now wants Kapuso artists to learn how to quickly build and change characters, which, according to him, is easier said than done.

“In order for the actor to surprise his audience, they have to surprise themselves first. That’s it. The question is, how do you surprise yourself when you know the lines? How do you surprise yourself when you know at the end of the scene that’s going to happen? This is what the craft is all about; this is what being truthful and honest and being in the moment is all about,” he said.

Among the first participants were Andrea Torres, Chynna Ortaleza, Benjamin Alves, Gil Cuerva, Mikoy Morales and Thea Tolentino, all of whom attested to the workshops’ life-changing effect.

“(Bova) challenges us to think of other ways to present it so the audience can enjoy. And, I think, if you’re a passionate artist, that will always be your goal — to be truthful in every scene so that you’ll be able to give them something that they won’t forget,” Torres said. “We’re open to doing exercises that are not awkward to look at because we understand each other so it’s a really big help that we’re all in this. We get to bond with other artists on set so at least we grow together.”

At the end of the training program, artists are expected to be equipped with the necessary tools to work effectively.

When they go on set, they are more open to different emotions and are more inspired to do their craft.

“But now, you are more relaxed all the time because you know if this method doesn’t work, you still have other techniques. I can give a performance that is not half-baked, still truthful,” Torres added.

The workshop began on 18 July and will run until the 24th. Bova will come back in January 2019 to conduct a culminating activity that will showcase what the artists have learned throughout the year from his training program.

“I believe that this work will make a dramatic impact in that way. When you learn the craft to do that, you’re going to catch the audience more. That is very exciting. When you think of actors and acting, it’s all about dramatic scenes, but it really is all about the scope of life. I hope that this work will bring substance there. I think that’s something that’s going to be impactful,” Anthony said.

Health and humanity
Aside from the techniques, the famed acting coach emphasizes that people should also give importance to the health and well-being of the actors.

“If you teach any technique of acting without any attention to the humanity and the health of the actor, you’re selling the actor short. More likely the odds will be higher that they will have some problems because they’re not taught to really understand being a grounded human being. I always check in with the actor because if the actors are coming from the state of depression, they are not going to function. They can function like a band-aid, they can get through a movie or two or five, but they’re going to spiral. They need to be a healthy person. (If you’re healthy), the more you’re not afraid to access different parts because you know you’re in a healthy place,” Anthony expounded.

GMA Artist Center is also considering launching the workshops for the people working behind the cameras.

“Anthony will be working with the actors, producers, directors and some of the writers. So we’re going to expose them to what Anthony does with the artists and ask them to participate as well. We’re looking into that this time with the people off-cam. Hopefully, as we go along, we get more people involved. So, little steps — first with the actors whom we see on the screen; the next level (will be) the people who produce, then we go on and on. We hope to continue this next year,” said Gigi Santiago-Lara, GMA special assistant vice president for Alternative Productions.

Bova is a protégé of famed acting coach Eric Morris, who has taught some of the country’s best actors including Laurice Guillen, Johnny Delgado, Leo Martinez, Michael de Mesa and Joel Torre.

“It’s never about the character. It’s always about the humanity of the individual. There are roles that are fake. It’s always about if the actor is there to share his humanity. When the humanity is present, it doesn’t matter — truth begets truth even if it’s comedy or drama,” Anthony concluded.

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