Glow getters

ST.IVES facial scrub.

Most makeup artists would tell you these days that the secret to a beautiful appearance is not makeup, but good skin.

In this light, we at the Daily Tribune scouted around for some wellness beauty finds, and here’s what we discovered lately:

Drink to beauty
Wellness pioneer and global giant Nutrilite from Amway, which developed the first plant-based health supplement in 1934, has come up with Phytopowder, an oral rehydration drink that contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and Amway’s world-renowned Phytonutrients.

This is the first product on the market that contains that combination of benefits in a single drink. This new drink is akin to the increasingly popular “drips” as offered in aesthetics centers, where patients undergo a few minutes of infusion of a cocktail of recommended supplements. Amway’s Nutrilite PhytoPowder comes in convenient foil stick packs that one may bring with them anywhere.

AMWAY’S Nutrilite PhytoPowder.

This is essentially an electrolyte drink that is more effective for oral rehydration than water alone. It helps restore the body’s ability to maintain the correct percentage of water, while at the same time providing important water-soluble vitamin replenishment in an easy to prepare, great-tasting and low-calorie drink.

PhytoPowder comes in Refresh Lemon for regular hydration and Electrolyte Orange for those extra active days.

MARK Kay’s LumiVie moisturizing cream.

Vibrant and luminous
“Lumi” represents “luminosity” and “vie” means “life” in French. Together you have LumiVie — for skin that is luminous and full of life!
LumiVie Skin Care goes beyond brightening alone to provide a multibenefit approach to unparalleled luminosity. It features an extract of the rare black pearl, the exclusive Opti Bright Complex and a coastal plant.

Black pearls are known for their rarity, exceptional value and symbolism of perfect beauty.

Sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Pearls,” Tahitian black pearls develop their dark color naturally and can be found in the lagoons of French Polynesia. It is believed that they help boost skin energy, revitalize skin’s activity and strengthen its defenses.

The Opti-Bright Complex features a blend of potent ingredients shown to interrupt the process that leads to dull skin while also helping to disperse the accumulation of uneven tone. A combination of Angelica acutiloba root extract, vegetable amino acids and niacinamide, the Opti-Bright Complex is a potent ingredient that helps brighten the skin.

To complete the trio that make up LumiVie, the Samphire is a coastal plant grown in areas with high salt content. It was found to have developed unique capabilities for conserving and managing water. As an ingredient in skin care, samphire is found to increase water channels in skin.

The skincare system includes the LumiVie Intensive Serum and LumiVie Moisturizing Cream. More information can be accessed at

Instant pick-me-uppers
With life’s constant hustle and bustle, we’re always in search of little pockets of happiness to give us a positive boost to carry on with our day. And habits as simple as surrounding ourselves with nature can instantly make us feel happier, energized and alive.

Imagine if we applied the same nature-loving philosophy with the products we use everyday on our skin. In a flash, you can instantly feel amazing and ready to face a new day just by soaking up the natural benefits. And this is what face scrub brand St. Ives makes possible.

Aside from offering products full of active natural ingredients, they have worked on making the brand into an exciting, fun and playful experience. It recently packed nature’s goodness into a cool, new and refreshed look.

St. Ives enlivens skin and awakens senses with nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, creamy shea butter and crushed walnut shells. Packed with 100 percent natural exfoliants, extract and moisturizers, St. Ives’ skin care products are on the spot pick-me-uppers that can turn skin from dull to bright in an instant.

ST.IVES facial scrub.

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