Lice, lies

It all began with rumors of head lice infestation and worsened into an actual physical assault.

A 22-year-old waitress in Cagayan de Oro City sustained bruises all over her body after she was mauled by two of her co-workers Saturday evening.

It appeared that her assailants, identified only as Francisca and Charlain, had no love lost against the victim.

First, they accused her of stealing tips from customers. Not satisfied with that, the two also spread rumors the victim had a bad case of head lice infestation.

Infection with head lice, called pediculosis, is very common. Anyone who comes in close contact with someone who already has head lice, or even their contaminated clothing and other belongings, is at risk of acquiring head lice.

Here in the Philippines, head lice infestation in a grownup woman is synonymous with poor personal hygiene.

Despite this, the victim chose to ignore the tales her co-workers were spreading about her in the hope they’ll get tired and stop. She was wrong.

Apparently more incensed that they were ignored, the two other waitresses attacked the victim, rained blows on her and pulled her hair until cooler heads intervened.

The two assailants are under investigation for possible filing of criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the victim denied the accusations her assailants hurled against her. She said these are all lies.

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