A quiet interlude

It seemed like I was in there forever.

Before the lady closed the pod, I had all sorts of instructions for her: “So you’re not going anywhere? You’re just going to stay there. It’s not going to be locked, right? If you hear me tap on the pod, please open it right away.”

I was about to go inside a window-less, spaceship-like pod filled with water and Epsom salt as part of The Farm’s sensory deprivation therapy. I didn’t know how I was going to react. I was told it was going to be dark, and that I wouldn’t hear a thing. Well, for somebody who works with music blaring in the background, this may be a problem.

SPENDING time at The Farm will not only help people relax but also assist them to worry less and sleep better.

When the pod was finally closed, I found myself enveloped in warmth. I was floating on water in complete silence. It was so silent that I could hear my heart go thumpity-thump, and it was wildly comforting. Thumpity-thump, thumpity-thump, it went on and on. It wasn’t complete dark, a bit of light streamed through the crack of the pod’s mouth, but it was dead calm. For what seemed like forever, I was fully conscious of the me-ness of me — how I was floating, enjoying the feel of the water; how the water felt on my arms and my legs; how I strained to hear a sound, any sound, except for the beating of my heart.

VISITING this getaway is a peaceful and relaxing trip that a person must do once in a while.

At one point, lost in the hyper-awareness of myself, I slightly tapped the pod, and the lady outside immediately asked if I was okay. It jarred the silence momentarily. But when I told her I was fine, my voice breaking the sanctuary that was the pod, everything was still once again.

MORE than the plants and flowers, The Farm is a place where one will feel relaxed because of its sensory deprivation therapy.

I’ve read that spending time in a sensory deprivation tank not only helps people relax, it may also assist them in worrying less and sleeping better.

While I didn’t do any scientific examination, I do get the attraction. It felt good to block away anything and everything in my life. Inside the pod, I only had to think about me. I didn’t have to think of writers who didn’t submit on time or clients who messaged at all hours. I didn’t have to wonder about what we’re having for dinner or worry about the state of traffic. It was a peaceful and relaxing interlude that a person must experience once in a while.

VEGAN meals are offered which are actually delicious and work to clean your system.

Of course, there is more to The Farm than the pod. But I do believe that the pod is characteristic of what The Farm is all about. For a few days, you are blocked from anything and everything else in the world. You are whisked away into this otherworld where plants are the greenest of green, and everything seems squeaky clean. You are served vegan fare, which is actually quite delicious and works to clean your system, as you try different therapies, which would rid your body of harmful toxins and everyday worries. At the end of it all, you come out calm, refreshed and sunshiny new again! Everything seems right with the world; just don’t turn on the WiFi for a couple more hours.

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