Gas leak being addressed — Phoenix

Dangerous task Members of the Bureau of Fire Protection conduct an inspection to determine the source of leak at the Phoenix Gas Station in Barangay Bangkal, Makati and stop it to ensure the safety of the residents in the area against any possible fire or explosion. BOB DUNGO, JR.

Independent oil company Phoenix Petroleum of Friday said the recent leak at their gas station in Barangay Bangkal, Makati City was an isolated case and necessary measures were taken to address the matter even as local authorities scramble to ensure the safety of the residents in the area.

“Please know that the incident at one of our stations in Makati is an isolated case and we have already taken steps to address the matter,” Phoenix Petroleum vice president for external affairs Raymond Zorilla said in a statement.

Firefighters were put on standby at Phoenix’s Bangkal gas station for any eventuality because of the gas leak Thursday.

“We have voluntarily closed the station as the safety of the community is our utmost priority, we will continue to take strides to ensure that the issue gets resolved as soon as possible,” Zorilla said.

“We thank profusely the City Government, BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) and other local officials for their huge action and assistance in addressing these concerns,” he said.

Meanwhile, officials from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) are conducting several tests to locate the source of the leak from the gas station.

In a statement, the BFP said it is continuously conducting several procedures not only determine the source of the gas leak but also to ensure the safety of households located within the vicinity of the gas station at the intersection of Evangelista and Estrella streets.

Authorities have conducted “hydro testing,” by siphoning off petroleum content of every tank in the station and replacing it with water. The tanks are then weighed and after several hours, will be measured again to find out any reduction in its weight which would confirm the tanks as the source of the leak.

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