As classy as Heart

Heart Evangelista is best known for her artistic abilities.

Her fashion sense has landed her various brand deals and invites to the fashion shows of some of the world’s most renowned designers including Chanel and Kelly Wearstler.

She is also a painter and has created numerous artworks that cost millions.

Recently, she poured her creativity onto another medium — her RLC Residences condominium unit at The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas, Pasig City.

This is also her collaboration with RLC that is aptly called “Love Marie Designs with RLC Residences.”

To ensure her vibrant personality and chic lifestyle are reflected in her 43-sq.m. unit, Heart partnered with experts interior designer Geewel Cabungcal-Fuster and architects Astrid Belo and Chris Belo.

High ceiling for luxe feels Floor to ceiling drapes accentuate the unit’s high ceiling.

An ideal property

For someone as busy and on the go as Heart, having a condominium is practical to own.

The location of The Sapphire Bloc is ideally at the heart of Ortigas which makes it accessible to all kinds of establishments and places.

“That’s something I also consider whenever I’m looking for a place or whenever I invest in a nice property. It always has to be near everything,” she said.

She also thinks that property investments can also serve as a financial cushion. She said, “It’s something that would save you also — if you have it rented out or you can live in it.”

Heart Evangelista
poured her creativity in her RLC Residences condo.

Injecting her core values

Apart from being one of the people who brought Heart’s vision to life, it also helps that Geewel is among her closest friends.

According to her, Heart’s core values are calm and classy, curated and hand-picked. These values are what they based the design process from. Another notable thing is her maximalism.

These values are seen in all details of the space whether it’s big or small. One is how they opted for a dominant white color palette which Heart also considers as her uniform when dressing up.

Her RLC unit already used off white as its wall color which lessened their work and gave them more fluidity to design.

Touch of bronze Heart used a different color in her bathroom. She kept the white theme with her mural.

In order to avoid looking flat, they added different textures like marbling, lines, folds, onyx, etc. all over the place but still kept it under the white category.

“Since it’s the first thing you see when you enter the unit, we want it to seamlessly blend with the rest of the spaces here so that’s why it’s all white. But we made sure to include different textures of white (to avoid) the danger of looking flat,” Astrid said.

RLC also delivered her heart’s desires — high ceilings and windows that generously let in natural light into the room. They accentuated the high ceiling with luxurious drapes.

Astrid explained: “The curtains highlight the high ceiling of the unit. The vertical lines of the drapes accentuate the high ceiling. RLC maximized the windows on the other side of the unit.”

Her closet is arguably the most important room in the unit.

Since Heart considers her clothing pieces as works of art, they opted to display the clothes without making it look cluttered.

Another notable piece in her wardrobe is the mantlepiece which mimic’s Heart’s desire of having a fireplace. It currently holds potted plants but architect Astrid said it can also be used to display seasonal decorations.

The bathroom may be the only room that veered away from the white concept. Its utilities come in bronze colors but they made sure to keep the white through the tiles.

Its white walls also served as a canvas for one of Heart’s sketches.

Workspace for the multifaceted woman

Being a fashionista, a CEO of her own brand, a content creator, an actress, Heart’s life basically revolves around work. This is the reason why architect Astrid allotted more space in her work area.

Her work area is what really speaks of her style. Among the details that screams Heart is the gallery wall where she can display things that inspire her, a mirror wall that mimics Coco Chanel’s staircase, a desk with marble texture to add character into the room, among other things.

“We tailored the space planning based on your lifestyle. Since you need space to work, focus on collaborations, meet with guests, you have to devote a significant amount of space for your studio.
The rest of the spaces can be designed in such a way that you still have other necessary areas so we didn’t really sacrifice anything by providing this spacious office,” architect Astrid said.
Watch Heart’s vlog on her RLC unit via this link:

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