Sustainable architecture in the new normal

Greenfield City, a 400-hectare enclave in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, is a living testament to Greenfield Development Corp.’s vision of creating self-sustaining spaces. The area, which touts life in a “city within a park,” plays home to several community-centric lifestyle and office establishments well within reach of its residents.

Trava and Zadia are two exciting developments in Greenfield City where discerning homebuyers can find a place they can call home and commune with nature for themselves and for their families for many years to come.

Greenfield Development has tapped renowned architectural firm Leandro V. Locsin Partners for the master-planned community, Trava, the flagship project of their luxury property arm, Greenfield Deluxe. Launched in May 2018, Trava features tree-lined roads, lush parks, fully underground utilities, and a streetscape with a four meter-wide lawn.

Historically, the whole area in Santa Rosa was part of a large sugar field in a Hacienda for many years before urban development started in the region. Leandro V. Locsin Partners were tasked to develop what was once agricultural land into a cosmopolitan work of art. They chose to focus on Biophilic design, or design that takes after natural concepts in order to transform Trava into something more extraordinary and meaningful as they build its infrastructure that can serve as an extension of nature.

When it comes to the overall approach to the development of the Trava model houses, Leandro V. Locsin Partners took design principles from the elements of the traditional Bahay Kubo and
Bahay-na-Bato in Philippine architecture. Despite the abstracted adaptations, the architects were able to focus on progressive design, highlighting openness, practicality and sustainability.

Through the application of these different features, one can sense the simplistic beauty and functionality of these “updated” traditional residential typologies, igniting a feeling of familiarity among Filipino people.

Created to emulate the Greenspiration lifestyle, Zadia lets its green architecture speak for itself.

Residents of Trava can also take pride in its state-of-the-art amenities like the pools and sports courts, the gym, dance studio, social hall, and the solar-powered clubhouse. They can also enjoy “nature-friendly” features in the neighborhood with its tree-lined roads, permeable road design that allows rainwater to drain naturally, and fully underground utilities that reduce transmission loss and eliminate unsightly cables above the street.

Inspired Living in Zadia

Zadia, by Equus Property Venture Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenfield Development Corp, is the fulfillment of the company’s vision of building future-ready and sustainable homes in the South. Created to emulate the Greenspiration lifestyle, Zadia lets its green architecture speak for itself. The 3.6-hectare mid-rise condominium has an abundance of tree-lined roads, parks, playgrounds, and green open spaces — a luxury practically unfounded in Metro Manila.

When the architecture firm started the development of Zadia in 2018, the pandemic had yet to happen but Greenfield Development Corporation was already pioneering the integration of healthy living and being close to nature in property development.

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