Filipino should be used in daily life — Padilla

Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla yesterday reiterated that Filipino — the country’s national language — should be used the whole year and not just promoted for one month.

“Filipino, our national language, is for all Filipinos. Because of this, it should be our primary language in our everyday lives, not just in August,” Padilla said, on the eve of the start of Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa on 1 August.

“No less than our Constitution decrees that Filipino is our national language. Art. XIV, Sec. 6 is clear: ‘The national language of the Philippines is Filipino,’” he added.

Earlier, Padilla filed Senate Bill 228, or the proposed Equal Use of Languages Act, which seeks to mandate the government to provide a Filipino translation of government documents.

He stressed that in seeking the passage of the measure, he “strives to promote the policy of inclusion and equal opportunities for all Filipinos.”

Under the bill, Filipino and English will be the official languages of the Philippines for all government issuances and documents.

This includes executive issuances, including implementing rules and regulations of acts, executive orders, proclamations, administrative orders, memorandum circulars and memorandum orders; and legislative documents, including acts, bills, rules of procedures, resolutions, journals and committee reports.

Also included in government documents that will be required to be translated to Filipino are: Judicial issuances and proceedings, including “decisions, resolutions, rules and other issuances of the Supreme Court and lower courts”; international treaties; public advisories; and publication of acts.

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