Follow me, OPS chief tells netizens

Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles urged the public Saturday to follow her official Facebook page to get updates on the daily activities of the state departments and offices under the Executive branch.

“Please like and follow [my official Facebook page],” Cruz-Angeles posted on her personal Facebook account Friday, according to a report of the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Netizens, under the “Review” section of the said Facebook page, lauded the Palace official for being a “great” and “reliable” source of public information.

“[Cruz-Angeles is] very reliable, articulate person and always willing to teach and share her knowledge in all her expertise,” netizen Jennifer Kondo said.

Cruz-Angeles’ office, the Office of the Press Secretary (OPS), also has a separate Facebook page that has 2.7 million followers to date, the PNA, an office under the OPS, said.

It added that updates about the activities of government departments and offices under the Executive branch are shared on the Facebook pages of Cruz-Angeles and OPS, the former Presidential Communications Operations Office.

Under Executive Order (EO) 2 of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the OPS is mandated to “pronounce, on behalf of the President, matters pertaining to his actions, policies, programs, official activities, and accomplishments.”

EO 2 also designates the OPS to develop and implement necessary guidelines and mechanisms pertaining to the delivery and dissemination of information on policies, programs, official activities, and achievements of the President and the Executive branch.

It is, likewise, tasked to coordinate the crafting and development of the messaging system under the Office President and the Executive branch, as well as to supervise its attached agencies and government-owned-or-controlled-corporations for purposes of further strengthening the system of information delivery to the public.

The OPS’s attached agencies include the APO Production Unit, Bureau of Broadcast Services, Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation, National Printing Office, News and Information Bureau-PNA, and People’s Television Network.

The OPS must also establish and maintain rapport with private media and other similar entities and stakeholders, according to EO 2.

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