OHEB: Success takes commitment, attitude

Blacklist International gold laner Kiel Calvin “OHEB” Soriano stressed that being a professional gamer takes more than just long hours of playing.

OHEB, a two-time Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines champion and M3 Mobile Legends World Championship Most Valuable Player, didn’t expect to become successful as he only used to play video games for fun.

Ironically, it was the Covid-19 pandemic that paved the way for him to make it to the local Mobile Legends competitive scene.

“I was already fond of PC (personal computer) games and used to play League of Legends. I used to play for fun though with a bit of competitiveness until Mobile Legends was introduced to me. At first, it was for fun until I became super competitive and then saw myself getting better,” OHEB told Gamer’s Paradise.

“I kept grinding until I became a part of an amateur team. I kept playing and grinding until I made it to the leaderboards and was scouted by Blacklist International.”

He added that turning pro was truly unexpected.

“For me, I didn’t really expect myself to turn pro. I was playing for fun and I just liked it. I was shocked when I was asked to turn pro so I grabbed the opportunity,” he added.

“I had an amateur team during the pandemic where we had a boot camp. Schooling was done online so I grabbed the opportunity to come to a boot camp. My parents allowed me because there was no face to face classes. I kept grinding until I was messaged by a professional team then made the switch.”

The 17-year-old learned rather quickly the ins and outs of being a professional gamer.

Teamed up with the likes of Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” del Rosario, OHEB came to a realization early that it takes more than skills to become a successful pro.

“Being a pro does not mean that you just get to play. There are a lot of things that must be considered,” he said.

“First, I think it is the attitude. You need to get along with your teammates. The whole team stays in a house, if there is no camaraderie there would be no connection, no bond, and chemistry.”

“Those are what wins games. Ever since I became a pro I have expected that it would not be easy. It is not about play, and it was explained to me before. You have to commit to what you are doing.”

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