Coming soon: Popular soju brand

Chum-Churum Soonhari, a fruit-based soju brand from Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. Ltd., recently announced efforts to further strengthen its market penetration overseas with greater focus in the Philippines, United States, China and Vietnam.

The Soonhari brand, which Lotte Chilsung first exported to the US market in 2016, has recorded a total of 41.9 billion won in sales to 37 countries in 2021. This was achieved through a localized strategy, and due global pop culture trends that led to increased demand for Korean beverage products.

Demand in the Philippines continues to post strong growth, with representatives of the Korean manufacturer announcing plans to increase its branding activities through social media campaigns and other marketing efforts.

“Amid the unprecedented popularity and demand for soju, we will continue to market our line of products and explore further our strong market overseas led by the Philippines which posted a 271-percent growth in annual sales,” says James Lee, General Manager at LOTTE Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd.

Soonhari soju is a clear and colorless distilled spirit native to Korea. The beverage is made from rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes. It offers a light, sweet and clean taste with a refreshing finish. It is currently the most popular brand in South Korea and the most in-demand with the youth today.

In 2021, the brand made waves when it appointed Blackpink’s Jennie as the new face of Chum-Churum Soonhari following South Korean superstar Bae Suzy.

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