Five crafting hobbies using needles and yarn

Cross-stitching, crocheting and knitting are probably among the most popular activities that come to mind when you think of needles and yarns. What other enjoyable art relaxing hobbies can you indulge in?


If you’re looking for a craft to decorate fabric or other materials, embroidery might be for you. While a needle and thread are the main materials used — others such as beads, quills, pearls and sequins may also be incorporated — embroidery is not only a good pastime, but also profitable, particularly in the fashion industry.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/winston chen
Needle felting uses a sharp needle to turn wool roving into 3D objects.


Quilting is a fun, ingenious and practical way to pass the time. It involves sewing together two or more layers of cloth to produce a thicker, padded material, typically for a blanket or garment. If you have an eye for combining patterns, this can make your selections a masterpiece.


If you can crochet and like to create more detailed crafts, then give tatting a try. Using either a shuttle or special long tatting needles, a series of knots and loops is done over a core threat to create chains and rings, which are combined to make intricate decorations. This technique is time-consuming but the final product is worth the effort and time.


Appliqué is an ornamental needlework often used on garments or for decorations. It involves pieces of different-shaped fabrics and patterns being sewed or glued onto a bigger piece to form a picture.
This craft is a great way to accessorize your garments and make them more appealing, unique and snazzy.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/nathana reboucas
Embroidery is not only a good pastime, but also a great source of income.

Needle felting

Want to make your own fuzzy, felt creation? Give needle felting a go! In a nutshell, this crafting technique uses a sharp needle to turn wool roving into 3D objects. It may seem like a complicated craft at first, but needle felting is extremely fun once you get used to it.

There are many more crafting hobbies using needles and yarns, but hopefully you find one that matches your interest best, among these options. Remember not to limit yourself to just these materials; there are other hobbies for you to enjoy.

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