‘Work hard, deliver’

The officer in charge of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has called on employees of the agency to buckle down to work.

Newly appointed PPA Assistant General Manager (AGM) for Operations Francisquiel Mancile made the call during the flag-raising ceremony Monday as he reminded colleagues of their marching order from the Secretary of Transportation Jaime Bautista to help lower shipping cost.

“Therefore, we need to work hard to deliver and fulfill that promise, through unparalleled public service” Mancile said.

The acting head of the PPA also said the public is expecting uninterrupted and high-level service from the agency despite the pending appointment of its general manager.

“The President has already spoken. He wants our port facilities and services at par with global standards and best practices and that we must do regardless of whoever sits as PPA general manager” he said.

The former manager of the Port Management Office of Marinduque/Quezon added that the PPA will maintain the high level of accomplishments in terms of port traffic and infrastructure projects during the previous administration to continue meeting the demands of the world market.

The new PPA management is inheriting an agency that completed 248 port infrastructure projects in the last six years as well as a financially stable organization that remitted more than P20 billion in dividends from 2016 to 2021.

On 27 July, the Palace appointed Mancile, along with Engr. Carlito Castillo as AGM for engineering.

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