Fil-Am gets life for slay conspiracy

A court in Florida has sentenced a Filipino-American woman to life imprisonment with no probation or parole for her role in the 2014 killing of a university professor in Tallahassee.

Katherine Magbanua, 37, was among the accused for the killing of Dan Markel, a Florida State law professor

A 12-person jury found Magbanua guilty for her links to the murder-for-hire group that carried out the killing of Markel.

Aside from life imprisonment, Magbanua was also sentenced to an additional 30 years for conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder.

According to court records, Magbanua was the point person between Charles Adelson, the alleged mastermind, and Sigfredo Garcia, the alleged gunman with whom she has two children.

Adelson, brother of Markel’s former wife, was arrested in 22 April by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is facing first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation of murder charges. He is currently detained at Broward County Jail while awaiting trial.

Magbanua’s lawyer said they would appeal the verdict.

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