New AFP paratroopers seen

At least 276 officers and enlisted personnel from different services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have completed their paratrooper training with the Fort Magsaysay-based Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) [SFR(A)], the Philippine Army (PA) announced Thursday.

The new graduates belong to two batches of Basic Airborne Course, Jump Master Course, and Parachute Packing Course, according to PA spokesperson Col. Xerxes Trinidad in a statement.

Trinidad said that the majority of the newly minted airborne troopers are part of the Philippine Military Academy “Bagsik Diwa” Class of 2022, while the rest are organic personnel of SFR(A), Philippine Marine Corps, Philippine Air Force, and the Philippine Navy’s Naval Special Operations Command.

SFR(A) commander Col. Ferdinand Napuli likewise said 38 more troopers are also set to undergo the Military Free Fall Course and Parachute Packing Skills Enhancement Training.

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