Pascual hands off Panga-Plaza tiff

Trade Secretary Fred Pascual said Thursday that he’s not minding the verbal joust between Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) officer-in-charge (OIC) Tereso Panga and his predecessor, former director-general Charito Plaza.

Plaza on Wednesday told reporters she was subjected to public shaming by Panga on social media following his extension as PEZA OIC under Memorandum Circular (MC) 3 released by the Office of the President last 27 July.

MC 3 was affirmed by Pascual’s Department Order (DO) 88-2022, which the trade chief said would stand.

“I don’t have to waste time on that. I have given my department order, so let that stand. And whoever raises the issue, let her prove herself that she has the right issue. I don’t need to comment (further) on that,” Pascual stated.

DO 88-2022 was issued by Pascual in support of MC 3 extending Panga as OIC of PEZA until 31 December 2022 or “until his replacement has been appointed or designated, whichever comes first.”

Plaza, on the other hand, has questioned the timeliness of the department order.

Panga rose from the ranks with 24 years in service and has been the deputy director-general at PEZA since 2010.

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