Spilling a secret: Megan Young as video gamer

Megan Young has had a secret.

The 2013 Miss World has been into computer gaming for a long time, but kept it private.

“I didn’t think it was something I could share with other people because there was a stigma, especially for someone like me… People have certain expectations in my field,” Young said at the launch of the Made for Greatness 2022 Neo QLED 8K, a new television model from Samsung which tapped Young as brand ambassador.

“I’m so happy I opened myself up and got to show people who I am,” she said.

Young, 32, plays video games and streams it on her Facebook account.

Megan Young: Beauty queen, actor, video gamer, podcast anchor. | PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY

In an article on ANCX, she said gaming is a good way to relax: “When I’m feeling stressed or burnt out, I turn to gaming. I feel like I’m in my own world.”

Asked to relate the Samsung Neo QLED 8K “Made for Greatness” tag to her fondness for gaming, Young replied: “Gaming is about seeing the fine details, like when you’re playing an FPS (first person game), you really have to look for your opponents. When you’re on the playing field, you’ll know the difference between a win and a loss in the visuals.

“The Neo QLED makes that whole experience great, the feeling of being in the game.”

Young, who’s also a GMA Network actor, likewise has a podcast on YouTube and Spotify, Behind Relationship Goals, with her husband Mikael Daez.

They talk about things that interest them, including business, among others. They also post vlogs of their daily life.

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