Tons of poop on Kalayaan Ave.

An estimated 33 tons of chicken dung spread along C5 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City, when a truck carrying it overturned early Thursday morning.

This resulted in miles of traffic from Kalayaan Avenue to South Luzon Expressway Service Road.

It was past midnight when the truck driven by Pit Misoles lost its brakes.

According to Kay Misoles, he turned the truck over the barriers but the right front tire exploded so he lost control of the steering wheel until the truck overturned and spilled 660 sacks weighing 50 kilos of chicken excrements or a total of 33 tons.

With the amount and weight of the sacks that were manually lifted to transfer to the winged truck, it took 7:25 in the morning before the workers were able to move from the area and make it passable; about 9:25 in the morning when C4 became totally passable.

In the initial report of the MMDA, the tail of the traffic reached South Luzon Expressway service road; MMDA enforcers were on site taking care of the traffic flow.

There were no reported injuries.

The sacks of chicken manure are to be used as fertilizer for vegetables in Benguet.

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