CHR backs work security scheme bid

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Friday said the welfare and economic well-being of workers are essential to ensure their dignity and the value of their work.

The security of employment among workers serves as a “fundamental part” of valuing their dignity as a person and performing better jobs, according to CHR executive director, Lawyer Jacqueline de Guia.

“Gainful and secured employment is integral to workers’ performance and productivity, which helps keep a robust labor sector and contributes to greater national economic output in the long term,” De Guia said in a statement.

De Guia said the practice of endo contractualization “has long been exploited” by some employers “to shirk from responsibilities to their workers.”

“Under this practice, the contract of workers are usually ended before they are deemed regular employees, which enable employers to skip out on paying benefits and to prevent unionization,” she added.

Thus, CHR supports the House Bill 2173 or the Security of Tenure Law that seeks to provide additional protection to laborers.

If passed into law, De Guia said it will prohibit “unfair labor contractualization and imposing stiffer penalties for unjust employee dismissals.”

“Laborers contribute to the growth and success of businesses and organizations but many continue to be deprived of just compensation and benefits of permanent employment,” she added, noting that the proposed measure will give employees with better work conditions, protection, and benefits “that they deserve.”

De Guia said the workers need the security of tenure, especially during these trying times as the country continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic and is hardly hit by global inflation.

“At the same time, it is equally important to strike a healthy balance that will enable businesses to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic toward ensuring genuine inclusive growth that addresses the plight of all, particularly the most vulnerable,” she said.

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