Golden Haven launches grand ‘Investor’s Night’

One of the most stable and lucrative avenues is investing in properties that show robust value appreciation over the long term.

With inflation causing prices of commodities and services to soar, average consumers and business owners are justifiably worried. How do they ride the wave of financial challenges at this time?

For the real estate industry, however, rising inflation is not quite the threat it seems to be. Most property investors stand to benefit from inflation — that is, if they own property that generates cash flow, has good resale value, or appreciates over time.

For this reason, Golden Haven continues to embolden investors in funneling their money into memorial property, considered one of most lucrative investment options available today because of its low capital requirement (P1,500 and up per month), high return on investment (minimum of 20 percent annually), and easy reselling.

The high-value appreciation of Golden Haven’s memorial property currently remains to be the strongest draw for investors that include financially savvy OFW and retirees. Millennials, in particular, are also now realizing that one clever way to make their money work for them is investing in Golden Haven.

Encouraged by such buoyant prospects for the company, Golden Haven recently mounted its first face-to-face, post-pandemic event aptly named Resurgence: A Golden Haven Grand Investor’s Night. Drawing an overwhelming number of Golden Haven’s investors and sellers, some traveling from distant provinces in Luzon.

Indeed, it was a time for celebrating Golden Haven’s past successes and affirming the blessings that investors can look forward to.

Resurgence: A Golden Haven Grand Investor’s Night featured two prominent guest speakers who gave priceless insights on the Philippine real estate industry’s current status, the challenges it hurdled pre and post-pandemic, and some vital industry forecasts.

One was Avon Mananquil, the head of Research, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing Services for Vista Land and other Villar Companies, and the other was Chris Suarez, a YouTube content creator and the COO of Human Shelter Realty Corp., who has over fourteen years of experience as a licensed real estate broker and six years as a real estate investor.

Mananquil and Suarez both generously shared their expertise — culled from long years in the industry — with their enrapt audience. The crowd of sellers and investors learned about where the real estate industry is headed and how investing in memorial real estate can be a good hedge against inflation.

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