Lee Jun-ho waves ‘green flag’ in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

Spoiler alert!

Fresh K-drama sensation Extraordinary Attorney Woo centers on Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), the first lawyer with autism in Korea and has an incredibly high IQ. The series has been getting good feedback as it promotes awareness and advocates inclusion of people with special needs.

Young-woo works for the same law firm as Lee Jun-ho (played by comedian Kang Tae-oh). He is Mr. Dependable and in charge of gathering evidence and managing different
litigation-related responsibilities. Nearly all of his female co-workers have fallen in love with him because of his well-known generosity and kind disposition. Young-woo has clearly stolen his heart.

Whale stories

Every time they are alone, Jun-ho voluntarily offers to talk about whales. She would unexpectedly call or approach him to discuss whales. Her ability to control herself is strengthened as a result of her discussion of whales in public. She eventually learns to control herself when Jun-ho suggests that they talk about whales during lunch.

Young-woo had trouble solving the case of Lee Jeong-hun with an extreme end of the autism spectrum in episode 3 and later,
Jeong-hun’s father even asked that she be dropped from the case. Young-woo submitted her resignation after becoming less confident in her abilities as a lawyer as a result of this.

Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae-oh are Woo Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’

In episode 4, however, she has to assist her friend Gue Rami (Hyun Young) whose father was duped by his older brothers into dividing her grandfather’s farm. To defend her case, Young-woo must go back to the office. Jun-ho told Young-woo, “I want to be on the same side as you, Attorney Woo,” as they approached the sunset on the walk back from Rami’s house.

In the 10th episode, Jun-ho’s walking green flag attitude and a good partnership were on display as Young-woo offered to hold Jun-ho’s hand and he waited. In another scene, Jun-ho pushed in for a kiss on Young-woo, but when he noticed that she was uneasy, he took a step back and let her do things at her own pace. Young-woo approached him and gave him a kiss. His respect for Young-woo was evident in this scene.

On the net, fans are swooning over Jun-ho and are gushing that he is by far the best boyfriend anyone could hope for because his emotions are genuine and not motivated by sympathy.

Fans got yet another good man to appreciate in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

New episodes of the program premiere on Netflix every Wednesday through Thursday.

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