Legend reborn

Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP), the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in Philippines, debuted the all-new, fifth-generation Subaru WRX and WRX Wagon.

According to Tan Chong International Limited deputy chairperson and managing director, Glenn Tan, their latest WRX models join the equally fresh second-generation BRZ coupe to make Subaru’s 2022 sports car lineup truly thrilling for petrol heads who wish to drive something special.

“The all-new WRX is here to ignite your senses. From its stunning exterior and premium interior, to the sporty sound and powerful performance of its new 2.4-liter turbo boxer engine, the invigorating smell of the exhaust and the exciting handling, the WRX gives a raw driving experience that makes burning rubber fun. I am very confident that both the all-new WRX and WRX Wagon will totally ignite your senses, and remain crowd favorites that are much-loved by Subaru enthusiasts here.”

Subaru’s modern design philosophy “Dynamic x Solid” has been enhanced to also express “Bolder,” guiding the complete redesign of the WRX in both notchback-sedan and station-wagon body styles.

Compared to its predecessor, the new WRX is 75 mm longer, 30 mm wider and 10 mm lower than before, with an additional 25 mm in the wheelbase (2675 mm). While the new WRX Wagon is 65 mm longer, 15 mm wider and 10 mm taller than the previous Levorg, with an additional 20 mm in the wheelbase (2670 mm).

Both models are built on the newest iteration of the Subaru Global Platform, with full inner frame construction and expanded application of structural adhesive to greatly improve the car’s rigidity, a bedrock of performance driving capability.

According to Subaru’s internal studies, the torsional stiffness of the chassis is up by 28 percent for the new WRX and 44 percent for the new WRX Wagon.

Furthermore, the proportion of high-tensile steel sheets in the body has increased from four percent to nine percent (approximate in-house data), which is good for collision safety.

The bonnet is still aluminum, like the older WRX, while the front fenders are now also made from the light yet strong metal, saving 2.3 kg.

At the heart of the high performance is Subaru’s turbocharged FA24 boxer engine, uniquely tuned for the hot new WRX. The 2.4-liter horizontally-opposed four-cylinder, 16-valve direct-injection unit has been engineered to provide exceptional driving enjoyment, on road and track alike.

Instead of chasing big numbers at the expense of driveability and durability, the new WRX powerplant builds on the fun-to-drive fundamentals of the superseded two-liter FA20, which is still a boxer benchmark.

The main mechanical changes are the increased displacement (from 1998 cc to 2387 cc) and a superior turbocharger (still a twin-scroll turbine, but now with computer-controlled valves for the wastegate and air bypass to enhance the turbo’s efficiency).

The new boxer motor produces 274hp at 5600 rpm and 350N-m at 2000-5200 rpm. It provides ample torque from low crankshaft speeds and vigorous acceleration across the rev range, with the powerful output tapering moderately as the tachometer needle approaches the 6100 rpm redline.

Two transmissions are available for the WRX. The sedan variant gets a choice of hardcore six-speed manual or souped-up “eight-speed” Lineartronic CVT, while the wagon variant, in keeping with its super cruiser character, is only available as an automatic.

The si-speed manual gearbox is a proven transmission that has served the earlier WRX well, only needing further refinement of the 2nd and 3rd gears for a better shifting experience in the latest WRX.

Prices of the WRX and WRX Wagon are as follows: WRX sedan M/T — P2,508,000; WRX sedan CVT — P 2,658,000; WRX tS sedan CVT — P2,808,000; WRX CVT wagon — P2,558,000 and WRX tS wagon CVT — P2,708,000.

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