Maggie Wilson on turning the tables on husband: I am left with no choice

Maggie Wilson is fighting back.

On 7 August, the 33-year-old actor, model and TV host posted on Instagram photos of her estranged husband, construction magnate Victor Consunji, with a woman Wilson said has been having an affair with him.

As preface, Wilson wrote: “In 2019, a woman (one of), despite her being married at the time, I found was taking ‘trips’ and checking into various hotels with him, without my knowledge. She has recently been posting in our ‘conjugal’ home, living her best life!”

Explaining why she’s “so public,” Wilson said: “I have tried to settle things amicably and privately despite the issues I’ve faced, but it’s fallen on deaf ears and instead various legal cases have been filed against me.”

To recall, Wilson and Consunji, who got married in December 2010, announced on social media their separation in September 2021.

Though Wilson described the breakup with “no animosity,” she later on complained of being denied access to their son Connor.

Last July, Wilson accused Consunji of ordering his staff to “illegally” enter her house. She went to court and was granted a 72-hour Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the Victor Consunji Development Corporation, Victor Consunji, and Bernabe Mendoza.

Consunji has filed an adultery case against Wilso and her British-Thai business partner Tim Connor.

Ending her latest post, Wilson said: “I’ve always believed in happiness (even now) for him and I, even if it’s not with me. I kept quiet for years and never wanted to drag anyone into this, but here I am, left with no choice.”

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