Duckey defends players vs GG_EZ

Bren Esports head coach Francis “Duckey” Glindro was furious after his players became the target of scrutiny following the alleged involvement of their founder, Bernard “Bren” Chong in a massive drug smuggling case.

Duckey, who coached Bren Esports to the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines title in Season 6 and M3 Mobile Legends World Championship crown, attacked a former colleague for hitting his players on social media.

He hit their former talent manager, RJ “GG_EZ” Arroyo, for taking a swipe at his players, insinuating that they are high on drugs while competing.

“The new team might be strong. Batak na batak. Do a ‘Mamba Out,’” Arroyo said.

“Kaya pala ang lakas makagising ng kape nila.”

Duckey, however, refused to take the matter lightly.

“This douche has the audacity to malign my players and our employees with something they have no involvement from, out of spite,” Duckey said in his social media page that has 245,000 followers.

“Let me tell you something about this dude: He used to work for Bren Esports as a talent manager. He was fired for stealing fees for talents and a loaned laptop claiming that it’s his. He wanted to be an MPL caster, but when they got wind of what he did, he was off the list in a snap.”

Duckey added that he has proof of what Arroyo did during his time with Bren Esports.

“Your claims are founded on a rumor going around with no verifiable evidence while mine has undeniable proof and witnesses,” he said.

“Enjoy your irrelevancy, you half-fat liver cyst. Don’t f_ck with my players. I said what I said.”

Duckey’s rant reached Arroyo, who encouraged him to discuss the matter privately.

“Duckey, if you don’t want this to escalate, please message my personal page. Thanks!” Arroyo wrote on Duckey’s Facebook page.

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