TikTok ‘aesthetician’ loses face after showing ‘Stranger Things’ actor a new look

A self-described “certified aesthetician” has lost face on TikTok over a recent controversial video.

The problem began when Miranda Wilson, @np.miranda on TikTok, posted a video suggesting cosmetic enhancements on the face Stranger Things actor Natalia Dyer.

The video has been deleted, but may be viewed on Twitter where it has trended and netizens have bashed Wilson.

MIRANDA Wilson’s unsolicited advice to Natalia Dyer did not sit well with the public.

In the clip, Wilson, who lives in Laguna Beach, California, and works as a “nurse practitioner injector,” said the first thing she would work on is Dyer’s masseter muscles to trim the actor’s face. She would also use chin filler and transform Dyer’s face into a heart-shaped beauty.

Other steps included lip filler to give Dyer a pout.

‘stranger Things’ actor Natalia Dyer.

Near the video’s end, Wilson showed a photoshopped “after” version Dyer’s countenance.

Wilson has since apologized after getting flak online. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone, including Natalia,” she said, explaining Dyer was just “an example” and that she was “simply offering suggestions.”


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