China is world troublemaker

China is an international troublemaker and a country which does not practice what it preaches.

The communist government in Beijing professes to desire world peace, regional stability and international cooperation — the usual mantra recited by its diplomats and consular stooges.

Actually, China is a threat to world peace, provokes regional instability in Asia, and engages in superficial international cooperation. To state it bluntly, China is an international troublemaker, and is the cause of the woes and the worries of the world.

Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine, which is now on its sixth month, is causing the global prices of petroleum and prime commodities to skyrocket. Defying international public opinion, China openly supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The international political crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is currently aggravated by China, as seen in Beijing’s saber-rattling at Taiwan in the wake of the recent visit to Taipei by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. China insists that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan violates the one-China policy supposedly espoused by the American government. That policy posits that Taiwan is to be treated as a renegade province of mainland China.

Imagine that! China wants to dictate on one of America’s leading officials who she may and may not visit abroad!

China’s hostile and militant attitude is also threatening regional stability in Asia. Ever since it became a prosperous capitalist country in the 1990s, China has had its eyes set on expanding its territory.
To date, China claims it owns practically all of the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and the islets and shoals in them.

In blatant violation of international law, China seized islands in the West Philippine Sea, which belong to the Philippines.

China also stole the Paracel Islands from Vietnam, its erstwhile ally in the Vietnam War.

Beijing likewise lays claim to nearby territory which belongs to India.

The communist Chinese also forcibly incorporated Tibet in their official map, which led to the involuntary exile of the Dalai Lama revered by the Tibetans.

Muslims in mainland China are likewise being oppressed there, simply because they are Muslims.

Beijing is currently constructing military bases in African countries that are unable to pay their loans obtained from the communist Chinese government.

To further destabilize the world, China remains a rabid supporter of North Korea, a totalitarian country run by a conceited despot determined to seize South Korea by force, and even through nuclear weapons if necessary.

The Communist Party of the Philippines remains determined to overthrow the duly-constituted government of the Republic of the Philippines, and to replace it with one that takes its orders from Beijing.
Communist cadres extort money from industries operating in remote areas in the Philippines. They also stir unrest at every opportunity, and they deceive workers, students, teachers, peasants and journalists into becoming troublemakers.

Inferior grade Chinese-manufactured products flood Philippine stores today. Buying them means financing China’s global aggression.

China currently controls the supply and distribution of electricity in the Philippines through the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines. This anomaly should be probed by the new government of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

In the late 1950s, then US vice president Richard Nixon declared that communist China is the cause of trouble and unrest in Asia and the world. Nixon was right.

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