LG AirCare boasts multi-level cleaning

With the rainy season, the need for clean, healthy air at home takes the spotlight. Insufficient ventilation and tropical humidity, coupled with the quick weather and temperature changes, can lead to a damp, moldy environment where bacteria can thrive.

To help combat this, LG has released its AirCare Complete System for its premium and deluxe split-type inverter air-conditioners, which works by providing multiple levels of air purification, filtration and cleaning.

The first layer is the Safe Plus Pre-Filter, which traps big dust particles right from the get-go. Next is the Ultrafine Dust Remover, which filters finer dust, removing 99.9 percent of PM 0.1 size ultrafine dust up to a coverage area of 29 square meters.

The next line of defense is the Allergy Filter, which removes allergy-causing substances, such as house dust mites, floating in the air. And then there’s UVnano technology that removes 99.99 percent of bacteria with UV LED light to keep the wind-generating fan clean and fresh.

Finally, there’s an Auto Cleaning phase that automatically dries any moisture inside the air conditioner to ensure it’s always clean. No moisture means no breeding ground for bacteria.

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