Milo energizes ‘Barangay Liga’

Milo Philippines energized the summer season of kids from all over the country with its innovative grassroots sports program — the Milo Barangay Liga.

Filipinos’ love for basketball was evident during the summer league, with hundreds of kids from various barangays in the country showcasing their skills on the court, accompanied with enthusiasm of the crowd.

Players and enthusiasts alike filled the barangay courts with excitement as the country’s favorite sport slowly reopens on-ground from the pandemic.

“It is with excitement that we welcome again our Champion kids from couch to court, and see them playing on team setting. At the Milo Barangay Liga, we see teamwork, discipline and respect in action.

Aligned with the brand’s purpose of nourishing kids’ journey to success with nutritious energy and inspiration to grow with sports, the Milo Barangay Liga served as a platform for kids to develop their skills, build confidence, and become a role model to their peers,” said Milo sports executive Carlo Sampan.

“More than that, we see a lot of potential talents that we can hone and build as champions in and outside the court,” he added.

Milo Barangay Liga is well-supported by local government units, as it is aligned with their development programs for the youth.

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