Non-electric air fresheners to love

There’s nothing like coming home to a sweet-smelling house after a long day at work. A scented air welcomes and extends a greeting in a way that words cannot; it relieves tension after a hard day at work and keeps your mood light. That said, using an air freshener is sure to give your home a more tranquil atmosphere.

There are many kinds of air fresheners in the market as there are fragrances. However, among the most popular nowadays, are non-electric air fresheners for their simplicity and affordability. Keep reading to learn more about their different kinds!

Traditional air freshener

If you want something that is compact and pocket-friendly, consider using a traditional air freshener! This type of air freshener comes in the form of gels or sometimes, aerosol sprays, which are both easy to use. For gels, all you have to do is unseal the container and put the air freshener in a discreet place. As for sprays, simply aim at a thoughtful area and spritz a good amount of fragrance.

Scented candles

Non-electric air freshers also come in the form of scented candles. While the candle burns, it emits fragrance which comes in a multitude of scents. Because the beauty of their decor adds a personal touch to our homes, this kind of air freshener is especially well-liked by the younger generation. If you’re looking for something aesthetically and aromatically pleasing, scented candles are the way to go!


Want to go au naturale? Try potpourri! Potpourris are natural plant materials, most commonly dried sweet-smelling herbs, mixed in a bowl to perfume your home. They are a natural type of air freshener and, as such, very healthy for your home. Making potpourris is inexpensive, and you may experiment with various herbs and flavors.

Aroma beads

Aroma beads are brightly colored or clear bead-like plastics capable of absorbing essential or fragrance oil. They are placed at strategic locations in your home, like your flower vase, cabinet, wardrobe, and so on. If you wish to have the decorative touch of scented candles but your house is more at risk of a fire outbreak, aroma beads are a good alternative!


Like scented candles, incense is a combustible material that is burnt to give off an aroma. Aromatic materials like sandalwood, frankincense, and cinnamon are burnt to fill your home with a sweet smell. It’s a good choice if you desire a strong smelling air freshener! But make sure to practice caution while using incense, always burn it out entirely before leaving.

Hopefully you find one that will best suit your in-home aromatherapy experience from the non-electric air fresheners mentioned. Remember to use air fresheners properly and in moderation, as any too often or too much is not good.

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