School supplies, commodities price guide issued

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has finally released a price guide for school supplies, days before the opening of face-to-face classes this November, as well as the new suggested retail price (SRP) for basic necessities and commodities.

The new SRP and price guide for school supplies were issued late Thursday, 11 August.

Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual said the prices of notebooks and paper pads are now more detailed, compared to previous years.

“Rather than calling pad or notebook, we specified certain types, spiral or whatever,” Pascual told reporters yesterday.

He said that for notebooks, the new guide includes size, number of leaves, paper quality, brand name, and even if they have a generic or character design.

For writing and composition notebooks with 80 leaves, the lowest price is P17.50, and the most expensive is P34.75. The price of spiral composition notebooks with 80 leaves range from P17.50 to P37.75. On the other hand, notebooks that are sewn range from P19.50 to P27.75.

“This information would help parents and students compare prices in stores. Canvass, check other suppliers. For the same level of quality, a product can be more expensive in an expensive place, but if you go to Divisoria, the same product will be available at a lower price,” Pascual said.

Aside from notebooks and pad papers, included in the school supplies price guide are pencils, ballpens, crayons, sharpeners and rulers.

Vice President and Department of Education Secretary Sara Duterte has ordered the start of face-to-face classes for public schools starting 2 November.

Meanwhile, the DTI also released new prices for basic necessities and basic commodities, which include canned sardines, powdered and canned milk, coffee, bread, instant noodles, salt, detergent soaps, bottled water, and candles, as well as luncheon meat, beef loaf, corned beef, condiments and batteries.

The lowest price for sardines is now at P13.25, while the priciest is P19.58. For bread, Pinoy Tasty (450g) kept its price of P38.50, while Pinoy Pandesal (10 pieces/pack) stays at P23.50.
The entire SRP guide is posted on the DTI official website.

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