Streamlining crypto transactions

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing wide acceptance in the Philippines due to their market growth, with many industries adopting and integrating digital currencies in their operations.

To cater to the increasing local demand for over-the-counter transactions for cryptocurrency users, Moneybees teamed up with ACM Business Solution Inc. to roll out crypto buy and sell services through its GoVIP centers. ACM has 1330 active outlets nationwide.

“Moneybees is focused on advocating for the crypto consumer. With our partnership with GoVIP centers and its far-reaching network, we’re creating additional venues for trading cryptocurrencies while enabling greater convenience, security, and ease of transacting for all our clients,” Moneybees CEO Paulo Roberto del Puerto commented about the partnership.

The collaboration widens Moneybees’ reach nationwide with recently opened GoVIP branches in Davao City, Bato, Camarines Sur and Orani, Bataan.

Moneybees, a BSP-certified Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), plans to continually roll out its Over the counter (OTC) crypto transaction services with more GoVIP outlets in key cities nationwide. By the end of 2022, they plan to integrate its buy and sell services with GoVIP’s app, GoVIPx.

Traders and investors can choose from hundreds of cryptos to buy and sell, including bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, and Smooth Love Potion. Each client can also easily buy and sell up to P5,000,000 daily.

Crypto holders can buy and sell their crypto to Moneybees using almost any crypto wallet or crypto exchange account they prefer, such as, Coinbase, PDax, Metamask, Binance, Electrum, Trust Wallet, and Exodus, among others.

In a recent report by Finder Crypto, 28 percent of Filipinos claimed they own a cryptocurrency, which ranks the Philippines 5th worldwide. With the increasing number of Filipino users, Moneybees’ mission is to make crypto more accessible by providing a familiar and secure way of buying and selling via OTC transactions.

“The impact of financial technology is widespread, disrupting how companies do business and how individuals handle day-to-day transactions — from banking to paying bills, insurance to loans, and personal finance to wealth management,” ACM Business Solution Inc. business development unit head Guia Ana Malimban said.

“With GoVIPCenter’s relentless pursuit of improving the lives of Filipinos and making the exchange between currencies and digital currencies more accessible to many, we aim to extend Moneybees’ services nationwide to enable traders to buy and sell digital assets. This partnership with Moneybees expands GoVIPCenter’s offering while cementing its leadership as a one-stop shop for financial services,” Malimban added.

Founded in 2014, ACM Business Solution Inc. is a web-based business solution providing the underserved and unserved population access to Financial Services. In 2017, ACM started offering financial services to the public: bill payment, remittance, government payment, airtime loading, and electronic money issuance. ACM launched the GoVIPCenter in 2021, the backbone of every VIP outlet, wherein drop-off points and microinsurance were introduced.

Founded in 2017, Moneybees is the first cryptocurrency OTC service in the Philippines, making the exchange between currencies and digital currencies more accessible to many. It provides the technology to moneychanger companies with physical outlets to accept and facilitate cryptocurrency transactions in their shops without the risk of market volatility.

Moneybees Forex Corporation is registered with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and with the Anti Money Laundering Council as VASP.

Moneybees only partner with government-licensed remittance centers and money changers to facilitate transactions. It aims to grow its services nationwide by partnering with more outlets in major cities to expand its footprint in the Philippines.

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