Andrew Ramsay: From athlete to actor

Andrew Ramsay is living out his dream.

The lead actor in the 2022 Cinemalaya entry Ginhawa recalled in an interview with Daily Tribune his journey as a performing artist.

“I was a typical jock in high school, and on my way to the football field, I would always pass by the school theater and hear the voices of actors rehearsing their lines. I got curious so, one day, I popped in and took a look,” Ramsay recounted.

Scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet convinced him to pursue acting.

He signed up in theater workshops and studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the Philippine Educational Theater Association, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy.

Persevering to land various theatrical roles, he said his most memorable character was playing Malcolm in Macbeth — the lone Asian actor at that time.

In the movie Ginhawa, directed by Christian Paolo Lat, Ramsay is Anton Banal, an aspiring boxer hoping to rise from poverty.

He said his role in the movie Living in the Dead of Night was “one of the most difficult… because the character I played was such an a**hole… I felt uncomfortable…

“But that’s the thrill… I love portraying characters that are the complete opposite of who I am as a person,” he said.

Living in the Dead of Night is produced by Cutaway Productions, which he co-founded.

“Not only do I want to act, but I have plans of directing and writing my own concepts… Having a production company is a perfect platform for me to explore these aspirations,” said Ramsay.

He wants to work with the likes of John Arcilla, Eric Matti, Brilliante Mendoza, Mon Confiado, Pepe Herrera and his brother, Derek Ramsay.

“People can expect to see Andrew Ramsay just doing what he loves and that is acting. I know some people will not like me because of how I look, but I hope I get the respect I think I deserve as a versatile actor,” he said.

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