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Psychics have the special ability to detect supernatural spirits and communicate with the dead. Their extrasensory perception also allows them see the future and warns people in danger of an accident or misfortune.

Brazilian paranormal Diana Rosa Aparecida Stanesco Vuletic makes a living with her sixth sense. She reportedly has the power to feel or see curses in objects.

In 2020, Vuletic met 80-year-old widow Genevieve Boghici and told the latter her daughter is in danger of dying. Boghici believed the psychic, because she knew a lot of information about her daughter, Sabine Coll.

Vuletic traced the source of the curse that she claimed would bring a tragedy to the collection of paintings in the widow’s house. She told Boghici the artworks needed to be prayed over to remove the curse.

One by one, Vuletic took the paintings so cleansing rituals can be done on them. The widow paid Vuletic for her services. Ironically, misfortune befell the psychic instead of the widow, when the latter became suspicious of the former and reported her to the police.

After an investigation, it turned out that the curse thing and removal of the paintings were all made up by Boghici’s daughter, who apparently wanted to cash in on the 16 paintings worth $138 million. She connived with Vuletic and seven accomplices in accomplishing the crime, but police busted and arrested them for embezzlement, robbery, extortion, false imprisonment and criminal association, according to Reuters.

Another case of subtle theft victimized Marulas, Valenzuela City resident Leonida Fernandez and her daughter.

Fernandez had been losing lingerie from her clothesline. The thief was taking only one kind of underwear that Fernandez and her daughter used.

Every time she replaced the stolen item, the new one was also stolen in a few days, causing the mother and daughter distress. Even when they hung their clothes inside the house to dry them, someone managed to pluck and take them away.

The KMJS TV show learned of the theft and decided to help Fernandez identify the culprit using a hidden camera. The camera initially caught a woman watching Fernandez’s house every time she passes by it. When asked, the woman said she was only looking for her child in the alley.

The mysterious theft was finally solved when Fernandez accidentally saw her daughter’s missing red bra hanging on the clothesline of a shanty in their neighborhood. She took a photo of it and, upon closer examination, confirmed that it belonged to her daughter.

Fernandez confronted the woman living in the house, and a shouting match ensued. When she showed a stitched part of the red bra to prove it belonged to her daughter, the other woman finally admitted to stealing the bra, KMJS reported.

The thief was brought to the barangay chairman’s office where she also admitted stealing many of the size 36 and 38 brassieres of the victims. She apologized to Fernandez, who forgave her, closing the case of the vanishing bras in Marulas.

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