DFA: Independent policy continues

The Philippines will continue to implement the “friend to all, enemy to none” policy under the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the Department of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday.

“I’m also sure that you have many questions about the future of our foreign relations. President Marcos was quite clear in his State of the Nation Address,” Foreign Secretary Enrique Manalo said in his speech at the DFA’s meet and greet event with the members of the press.

“We will continue to be a friend to all and enemy to none. And in the same vein, President Marcos was very clear that we will not abandon even one square inch of Philippine territory,” he added.

Explore new ties

For this, the country’s top diplomat said his department is ready to enhance existing relationships, as well as exploring new ties.

“We are also fully prepared to undertake the appropriate diplomatic actions, when our interagency processes conclusively verify that our sovereignty has been infringed upon,” he said.

Manalo also assured that no unverified information will be released from his department.

“President Marcos has also made it clear that government messaging must be coordinated and based on factual data — the DFA will ensure that just as during the previous administration, we will not speak nor comment based on emotion nor in reaction to fake news,” he said.

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