Infra development vital to recovery — Go

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go pushed for safer and more resilient public infrastructures as he underscored the crucial role of infrastructure development in the overall recovery of the country from the pandemic.

In his opening statement during last Monday’s organizational meeting of the Senate Committee on Public Works of which he is a member, Go noted that the previous administration has laid a solid foundation for important public infrastructures under the ‘Build, Build, Build’ Program.

“The previous administration under the leadership of former president (Rodrigo) Duterte, prioritized the creation of important public infrastructures under the ‘Build, Build, Build’ Program. This paved the way towards a ‘Golden Age of Infrastructure.’ Through the program, we were able to build bridges, roads, railroads, and even airports to make our archipelagic country more connected, literally,” the senator said.

“These infrastructures helped various sectors in the country in our overall recovery from the pandemic. It is with great joy, therefore, that President (Ferdinand) Marcos (Jr.) promised to continue projects under the ‘Build, Build, Build’ Program,” he stressed.

Go then pointed out that owing to the geographical location of the Philippines, the country is prone to natural disasters. Located along the typhoon belt in the Pacific, the country is visited by at least 20 typhoons every year, five of which are usually very destructive. On top of this, the country is also situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire which makes it vulnerable to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Noting that houses, buildings, roads and other infrastructures are among the usual casualties whenever there are calamities, the senator remarked, “Resilient public infrastructure is also a representation of a resilient government.”

Evacuation centers

In a related development, Go renewed his call for the passage of his proposed measure which will mandate the establishment of an evacuation center in every municipality, city and province throughout the country and shall also provide basic needs and assistance to all evacuees.

During an ambush interview after personally providing aid to fire victims in Bacoor City, Cavite last Sunday, Go said that he has refiled the bill in the 19th Congress as one of his priority measures to address the vulnerability of the Philippines to the impacts of climate change and other natural or human-induced disasters.

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