Innovative home models seen

Two vital keys to any successful business are expansion and innovation. In real estate development, these signify growth and progression that, in turn, inspire confidence among potential property buyers and investors.

No residential developer acknowledges this more than Bria Homes, which offers, as it does, strategically located project sites; amenities such as superior internet connectivity, cashless transactions, competent property management; and 24/7 security.

Still, Bria is on a roll and far from settling for incremental improvement, the dynamic homebuilder chooses to go the whole nine yards for a better customer experience.

With the excitement generated by the successful launch of Bria Homes’ Bettina Prime not very long ago, the residential property developer now cues in home seekers on its latest product line — the xE series.

With its catchy name culled from the mathematical formula for exponents, the xE series are actually upgraded editions of Bria’s Elena and Elyana, and Bettina house models. The xE series of Bria House and Lot tout exterior enhancements such as their own fences and gates, and a finely finished front pavement.

Bria’s upgrade even gets better in the interior set-up: each Elena and Elyana unit will have bedroom partitions, ceramic floor tiles in common living areas, tiled walls in the toilet and bath, a dual flush water closet, a telephone shower, and a bidet. All these features make for an enticing new product line for discerning homebuyers — and a higher value proposition for property investors.

On the other hand, the Bettina xE model is a two lots, one house property that features a lot area of 72 square meters and a floor area of 44 square meters giving more space for the future homeowner to be used as a garage or open space to gather family members and create some outdoor fun.

Now factor in Bria Homes’ excellent recreational facilities that are offered at all their housing developments. Residents will enjoy the multipurpose hall for their social gatherings, the covered basketball court, the children’s playground, and the open green spaces that invite leisurely strolls with the family.

All in all, the xE series complements the wholesome, family-friendly vibes in Bria’s residential communities, where function and design validate BRIA’s priceless reputation as the Filipinos’ home of choice.

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