Going beyond TV

In the Philippines, the commute system has always been harsh and fast-paced. On the other hand, there are also those who do not pay attention to their surroundings, especially when mobile phones are on their hands. Life is brief and getting the attention of harried commuters and motorists is a challenge.

In the sphere of billboard advertising, getting as many people to glance at its message is the bottom line. With giant LED billboards, messages are relayed at a glance compared to content that needs to be scrolled on one’s phone.

photographs courtesy of Digital Out Of Home

Bold statements, vibrant photos, technology-based interactive promotions serve as introduction to consumers yielding to the usual “look and walk.”

Digital Out Of Home, a pioneering leader in this sector, aims to bring the nation together through the content it relays — from promoting products, inspirational quotes, motoring tips and wellness advice, to name a few. The wide range of format and medium it offers has been celebrated by brands as it values consumer insights and connection.

“Besides being a platform for innovative advertising, DOOH is also an important tool for public information especially at a time when Filipinos need inspiring messages as reminders to stay strong and hopeful as they go through their daily living,” shared Alvin Carranza, DOOH owner.

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