Phl Army reservist recognized

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations defense and sector has recognized Army reserve officer Lt. Col. Jannette Chavez-Arceo for her contribution in advancing the defense and security sector.

The Reserve Command Philippine Army said Friday that Chavez-Arceo — who is also a peace educator and children and women’s rights advocate — was hailed as one of the “exemplary women prime movers” in the ASEAN region.

Chavez-Arceo is the first female battalion commander, currently serving the Laguna-based 403rd Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion, 4th Regional Community Defense Group.

The RCPA added that her professional expertise is revolving areas of reserve force development; gender and development mainstreaming; military Leadership Development; cyber peace education; and prevention of violent extremism.

Chavez-Arceo’s anti-human trafficking work has contributed to the country’s Tier 1 rating, recently recognized by the United States Department in its Global report on “Trafficking in Person.”

She also pioneered the membership of the Philippines in the Global Alliance to End Sexual Exploitation Online and in the Asia Pacific Financial Coalition against Child Pornography.

Chavez-Arceo is a communications graduate from the University of the Philippines with two Master’s degrees on National Security Administration and on Public Management specializing in Development and Security.

The Top Women in Security ASEAN Region Awards, is being held annually, aims at recognizing women who have advanced the security industry within the 10 ASEAN member countries.

Meanwhile, Army commanding general Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. said the awardee embodies Army’s core values of honor, duty, and patriotism in fulfilling her sworn oath as a reserve officer.

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