Ways to get involved for the school year

Summer break has ended and the school year begins anew. Certain preparations must be made as classes are conducted face-to-face, yet in a limited capacity.

When the community works together to create a learning environment that is interactive and fun, it motivates students to pull through their studies in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Be part of the community spirit. Brigada Eskwela is a program that encourages students, teachers, staff, parents or guardians to set up the school for the opening of classes. This usually involves cleaning up of the grounds and classrooms. It is also when learning materials are given to students.


Involve your family. Parent and student orientations give a clear picture on what is scheduled for the school year. Be it requirements, teachers in charge, class sections, dress code, and activities to be given, these orientations serve as preparation for all.

Establish communication lines. Communication among learners and teachers is important as it helps build a better learning experience. This can be done through group chats, private Facebook groups, and many other ways given the technology.

With each opening of classes is a fresh start for everybody. When everyone works together, students are ensured of a safe return to school that they missed in the past two years.

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