Ghost month thrillflix: Asian edition

Looking for the best way to spice up your movie watch list?
No worries, Netflix has released a map of horror films to enjoy this ghost month. Now is the time to enjoy this spine-tingling Asian line-up.

INDONESIA: ‘May The Devil Take You’
Indonesia has been one of the greatest producers of truly terrifying movies. If you are into stories that incorporate the culture of rituals and seances, this is the movie for you. May The Devil Take You relies heavily on the concept of selling one’s soul to and conspiring with the devil in exchange for wealth.

MALASIA: ‘Dendam Pointianak’
If you want to know about Malaysia’s infamous supernatural entity, the Pontianak, you need to check this film out. A female vampire who seeks revenge completes the tale’s theme of betrayal, forbidden love and rituals. The mythology has a modern twist the audience will surely love.

‘THE Whole Truth’ by Wisit Sasanatieng.


This horror flick with a touch of religion explores Malaysian superstitions and folklore, as a family in the suburbs experiences an unending saga of supernatural events when they take in a lost girl from the forest. The film is a slow burn that will keep you guessing what happens next.

Eerie is a horror tale about a mysterious death and all the events that follow. A glimpse into the goings-on in an all-girls Catholic school, the film looks into the backstory of the convent, contrasting themes of faith and modern beliefs.

‘THE Guardian’ by Victor Vu.

Bliss follows an actor who tends to be excluded from the outside world. Jane’s oppression in a house full of mystery and odd characters keeps her in a psychological prison.

TAIWAN: ‘Incantation’
Incantation has been a sensation since its release, and is a must-watch. It has been among Netflix’s global top 10 non-English movies for five weeks. It explores the mind-boggling elements of Taiwanese rituals, taking audiences into the immersive, mysterious world of curses.

THAILAND: ‘School Days The Series’
This eightfold series recounts school ghost stories and urban legends passed down to generations of students in a haunted institution. The series is directed by renowned Thai directors.

THAILAND: ‘The Whole Truth’
The Whole Truth tells of the incidental discovery of a strange hole in an ancient house. Two siblings stumble on it after finding a mysterious spot in the living room of their grandparent’s house. Sinister things unfold when they attempt to learn more about it.

VIETNAM: ‘Vietnamese Horror Story’
A compilation of Vietnamese urban legends and folklore, this show consists of horror tales based on Vietnam’s culture of superstitions, elementals and witchcraft.

VIETNAM: ‘The Guardian’
The limelight is not all fun and glamor; discover the entertainment industry’s dark side in this thrilling film. The Guardian will tell you the story through a doll, a divine spirit of a child and an aspiring singer.

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