Pampanga supports raids vs sugar hoarders

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga — Mayor Vilma Caluag has expressed her support for the national government’s raids on warehouses that hoards goods.

“The operation conducted inside a warehouse on 18 August should serve as a stern warning against unscrupulous hoarders of sugar and other goods,” Caluag stated after the Bureau of Customs made an inspection inside a warehouse in Barangay Del Pilar in this city.

“This shows that our national government through the leadership of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is true to its commitment to protect the welfare of the Filipino consumers,” Caluag added.

The official has ordered the city government’s Business Permit and Licensing Division and the Liga ng mga Barangay to check on their respective areas of jurisdiction to make sure that all warehouses situated in the City of San Fernando are all legit, fairly operating, and follow the law.

Recently, the BoC raided a warehouse here at the Lison Building in Barangay Del Pilar that revealed thousands of sacks of suspected smuggled sugar from Thailand.

Delivery vans outside the building were also loaded with hundreds of sacks of sugar.

BoC personnel, assisted by barangay officials and the local police during the operation, found sacks of corn starch from China, sacks of imported flour, plastic products, oil in plastic barrels, motorcycle parts and wheels of different brands, helmets, LED Televisions sets and paints.

A Chinese-Filipino warehouse keeper received the letter of authority and mission order from the BoC that orders the warehouse owner 15 days to present proof that the items were legally imported.

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