Bed fellow

Those who are unemployed should not be choosy of available jobs. It’s a practical attitude these days when the high prices of goods demand every penny anyone can earn.

For 19-year-old John Kennedy de Jesus of San Luis, Pampanga, he has no qualms in his choice of an unusual job. After all, the out-of-school youth earned a cool P87,880 in 2021 from the local government under its special program benefitting local rice farmers, TV show I-Juander reported.

Aside from the cash, De Jesus earned the title of “Mr. Rat” for catching or killing 8,788 rice field rats last year. The local government paid him P10 for each rodent he and his friends killed under its pest control program aimed at cutting rice loss.

Based on a study, a rice field rat can eat 25 kilos of palay worth P400, according to the report. With the local government’s rat control program recording 300,000 rodents killed since 2020, it has reportedly prevented the loss of P120 million worth of palay.

Another unusual job offered by an e-commerce mattress startup in the United States pays $25, or about P11,000, an hour.

The hiring notice from Casper described the tasks of three part-timers they were looking for as both in-store and anywhere in the world. Hirees were also required to create “TikTok-style content to be posted across Casper social media channels,” reported.

Casper released TikTok videos about the notice that show the task of the job. It’s not surprising though that the persons demonstrating the duties of the part-timers in the videos are snoozing on different beds behind a store showroom window.

Successful job applicants can actually sleep on the job at the New York-based company, which hired sleepers who have “exceptional sleeping ability,” a “desire to sleep as much as possible,” and the “ability to sleep through anything” to promote its mattress products, according to CNN.

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