CHR condemns slay of 2 minors in Laguna, Bulacan

The Commission on Human Rights expresses grave concern and condemns the recent violence and indignities experienced by two girl children in Laguna and Bulacan, aged seven and 15 years old respectively.

A 15-year-old female biker was reported missing in Bulacan on August 9, 2022 and was later found lifeless on August 12, 2022, in a grassy area along the Brgy. Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan.

Her body shows marks of cigarette burns.

In Pila, Laguna, a seven year old girl was also found lifeless inside a sack at a back of a house.

The child was found on 15 August, Monday, without clothes and her body showing signs of abuse.

These incidents further highlight the vulnerabilities faced by children.

Children have the right to a safe and empowering environment so they may eventually live a productive life.

“Crimes such as these further compound the challenges faced, particularly of girl children, during their formative years and should alarm the government to act on these concerns, alongside issues of gender equality, exclusion, and lack of access to opportunities for education and empowerment. As students go back to face-to-face classes again, there is a need to ensure their safety and security as well so that similar incidents won’t happen elsewhere,” according to CHR spokesperson Atty. Jacqueline De Guia statement.

CHR also extends their condolences to the families of the the two children.

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