Delivery riders’ welfare protection sought

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go emphasized the need to further strengthen the social protection given to individuals engaged in delivery services in the country as he filed Senate Bill 1184 or the proposed “Food, Grocery, and Pharmacy Delivery Services Protection Act of 2022.”

The lawmaker stressed that it is undeniable how deliveries of food, grocery, supplies, and even medical supplies have become the preferred way of consumers, especially as these services allow them to receive what they need without leaving the comforts of their own homes.

Given the increase in demand, Go said that the delivery service sector has clearly helped the country survive the health crisis.

Despite braving the pandemic, delivery riders unfortunately sometimes face unfair practices and appalling incidence of fake or canceled bookings and orders, which prompted the legislator to push for strengthened social and welfare protection for the country’s delivery riders, and ensure that the rights and safety of both the customers and riders are upheld in every transaction.

Under the proposed law, it shall be prohibited for any food, grocery, and pharmacy delivery service provider to require riders or drivers to shell out any monetary amount for the fulfillment of orders.

In case of cancellation of orders, the service providers shall still pay the delivery riders for their services as though the transaction was successful.

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