Why this band finds online gigs boring

Online gigs can be boring.

“It feels like homework, like a video project to be finished and submitted,” said Sofia Abrogar, vocalist of the band Any Name’s Okay.Another drawback: “We don’t get to see the audience. We don’t get feedback from anyone.”

The band’s drummer, Alvin Olente, pointed out that if “live shows could take two to three hours including preparation, waiting, and performing,” virtual versions can eat up “four hours of your time, and that’s just recording, aside from the mixing, which I did, and the editing.”

Fortunately, as pandemic restrictions eased up, the band was only too glad to get out in person to launch its second EP, Leaving Home (Sony Music Philippines), on 20 August at Dirty Kitchen in Gravity Art Space, Quezon City.

The band finds its album’s title relevant to the times.

“We hope Leaving Home serves as a reminder that there’s a big and beautiful world out there waiting for you to pack your bags and go,” Abrogar said.

“We really wanted to write an EP that’s encouraging and hopeful without ignoring the hardships that everyone goes through… It’s about leaving comfort behind, being excited for adventure, no matter the risks.”

Its first single, “Yugto,” was released two months prior.

Formed in 2017, the band’s other members are Renzo Lumanog (vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike Armas (lead guitar), and Juan Lada (bass).

Its debut single, “Clouds,” was released in 2018, followed by three more tracks — “Hawaiian,” “Orasan,” and “The Sun.”

Shortly after coming out with its first EP, All I Feel and See, group went on hiatus due to the pandemic.

Lumanog said the band sought to find a place conducive to writing new songs, which they found in Abrogar’s backyard.

“We wanted to improve on the first EP,” Lumanog admitted, adding that the band members likewise learned the technical side of producing songs.

The best thing that happened was the band learned to channel its members’ individual creativity to collaborate as one unit.

Leaving Home contains six tracks: “Yugto,” “Snooze,” “Limbo,” “Takbo,” “Today I Want to Live,” and “Discovery.”

Leaving Home is available on music streaming sites.

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