Bataan-Cavite bridge undergoes testing

BALANGA CITY, BATAAN — The Department of Public Works and Highways is set to conduct wind analysis following the completion of geophysical and geotechnical tests which is part of the construction of the Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge.

During a meeting with the provincial government, the DPWH and the T.Y. Lin International construction company confirmed that they are conducting wind analysis of the design of the bridge to ensure its strength, flexural rigidity and aerodynamic stability.

According to deputy project manager Dante Bautista, the tests are necessary to ensure that the bridge would still be used by future generations and assured that the bridge’s design and specifications are at par with international standards, citing that the company has taken into consideration the strength of wind, waves, earthquake, typhoon, and others challenges in the future.

Governor Jose Enrique Garcia III, meantime, lauded the efforts of the agency and the construction company.

“The construction of a historic bridge that will connect Bataan and Cavite is about to start called the Bataan-Cavite Interlinked Bridge Project that will trigger rapid development in the two provinces and nearby provinces in Central Luzon,” Garcia said.

The meeting between the provincial government, DPWH and the construction firm was attended by Third District Representative Maria Angela Garcia and representative of various agencies involved with the project.

The lawmaker said that the realization of the bridge will serve as the root cause of the development of Bataan and Cavite and the whole of Central Luzon, will create a lot of jobs, will develop tourism will reduce traffic problems in Metro Manila and more positives Impact on the development of the country.

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