Lacuna slams media posts

Twitter posts from two media outfits showing high school students sitting on the floor have suggested the lack of armchairs at the Jose Abad High School in Manila during the opening of classes on Monday.

That’s farthest from the truth, bellowed Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna who came to the defense of the Division of City Schools-Manila on Tuesday.

Lacuna appealed to members of the media to be fair and responsible, and refrain from showing the faces of children without the consent of their parents.

DCS-Manila Supt. Magdalena Lim said after conferring with the school principal, they found out that the teacher deliberately rearranged the chairs to suit a group activity for orientation and psychosocial support tasks.

“The post on social media was not authorized nor consented,” said the DCS-Manila official. There was no coordination between the school officials and the alleged correspondent. Moreover, the post might constitute a breach or violation under data privacy law.”

The DCS-Manila said the post is malicious and fabricated to malign the teachers and school officials.

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