Two victims on Rizal slay identified

The Rizal Police Provincial Office on Tuesday disclosed that it has identified two of the four dead individuals that were found inside an abandoned car at Barangay Macabud in Rodriguez, Rizal on Monday.

Rizal PPO Public Information Officer Lt. Marisol Tactaquin identified two of the victims as Robert Ryan Amarillo of Lucena province and Carl Pabalan of Tayabas in Quezon.

The two other victims — both female — remain unidentified.

Meantime, the Special Investigation Task Group Macabud headed by Provincial Director Police Colonel Dominic Baccay conducted a command conference and an inspection to the area where the four dead individuals were discovered.

“We are still getting information whether other cases warrant the creation of SITG. It is on the assessment of the Commanders on the ground and communicate with their superior unit commanders based sa attendant circumstances as basis to recommend to concerned Regional Directors whether there is a need to activate their Special Investigation Task Group,” said PBgen Roderick Augustus Alba.

Philippine National Police chief Police General Rodolfo Azurin Jr., on the other hand, stressed that a special task force has been created to dig deeper into the case.

“We want to establish the motive and apprehend the culprit. Police authorities are on top of this and seek to uncover the truth and vow to serve justice,” Azurin said.

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