Pinoy panaderia classics with a twist

Do you have a favorite bread from your local panaderia (bakery)? Whether sweet or savory, there will always be a Pinoy baked item to try.
We all know that rice is a staple for every Filipino meal, yet bread has also always been a part of Pinoy culture. One may even call it “the ultimate merienda.”


Here is a list of famous Pinoy bread delicacies.


The favorite partner for hot coffee in the morning this classic comes in many varieties nowadays. The pandemic gave birth to ube cheese pandesal, which led to other innovations. The latest one comes as a wheat flour alternative. Called “Pinoy coco pandesal,” the new variant was an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture, Department of Trade and Industry, the Philippine Baking Industry Group, and VCO Philippines.

pandan Kalihim | Photograph courtesy of amara & joshua yt vid

Bakeshops including French Baker and Tinapayan Festival now carry this healthy variant.

putok bread. | Photograph courtesy of mari via pinterest

A fun fact about pandesal is its name came from the Spanish words pan (bread) and sal (salt), meaning “salt bread.” It takes up any form and size and now is enjoyed in different flavors.


Putok is an exciting name to call bread, but this literally has a pop to it. The surface of this roundish bread looks cracked open from the heat. It can be enjoyed either coated with sugar or plain, fresh from the oven. Its crown-like topper is also why the bread is called star bread. It now has a cheese flavor.

ENSAYMADA | Photograph courtesy of ensaymada project


A very nationalistic name for bread, kabayan is a Pinoy classic in the shape of a salakot (a Filipino hat). It usually comes in yellow color and has a sweet taste to it. It is
bite-sized as well and now has a chocolate flavor!

Close up of pandan roll cake on wooden background


A Pinoy bakery would not be complete without this colorful bread. Kalihim is a sweet bread that has a purple or red filling. It is usually made up of mixed leftover bread. You call that resourceful and practical. Aside from the usual colors of its filling, it had its pandan flavor to enjoy in green!


The favorite ensaymada, drizzled with grated cheese and coated in sweet butter, now also comes in a Red Velvet flavor. Many bakeshops offer this sweet pastry with their own innovations, like chocolate, ube, and various kinds of cheese toppings. It’s more than just the classic merienda we all know.


Have you heard about the pianono mocha flavor? The classic cake roll now has a different twist to it. Ube and pandan pianono can now be added to your favorites list.

There is a lot more Filipino bread to sample: Mamon, bicho-bicho, monay, and puto, among others. Try them all!

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