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If death is scary, dying can be scarier.

After Love Jean Malapo, 21, dreamt of a floating coffin appearing in her sleep just as her weak grandmother lay on a hospital bed, members of their family got sick in May. Malapo was worried that her grandmother would die as her condition was the same as in her dream.

Malapo also dreamt of her father appearing very weak and lying inside a coffin. On 1 June, her dad was hospitalized and looked the same as in her dream.

Her younger sister, Ara Claire, 18, recalled dreaming of Love Jean dying and disappearing before a photo, after which the coffin floated, GMA News reported. Their father also dreamt of coffins passing by their house, three of which stopped in front of their door. He was inside all three coffins.

No one in the family has died so far though. Paranormal researcher Ed Caluag visited the Malapo family to investigate the father and daughters’ identical dreams of coffins. Caluag interpreted the coffins in their dream to be a forewarning of an upcoming misfortune, but not necessarily the death of someone in the family, according to the report.

While dreaming of death symbols gripped with fear the Malapo father and daughters, Alejandro Crisostomo Vego of Sebaste, Antique was not afraid to see such signs, much less to die.

Vego suffered a mild stroke at 75, which paralyzed half his body, his daughter, Medelyn Vego-Marasigan, recalled, according to another report of GMA News.

The family expected his passing. Surprisingly, the old man fully recovered after physical therapy. He then asked a carpenter to make him a casket, so the family wouldn’t have to worry about his funeral in case he dies.

Ironically, the carpenter who constructed Vego’s casket did not live long enough to see the latter use his creation. The wooden coffin, which was stored in the ceiling of Vego house for future use, itself became fragile after years of unuse.

Eventually, Vego’s family never used the coffin. Sixteen years later, his children had to replace it with a new one, where they put his body, when he passed at the age of 91 after suffering from cardiac arrest on 13 July.

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